With our Angry Gorilla, we have been fighting for a strong EU due diligence law since spring 2023 and have put a lot of pressure on the politicians. Together, we sent over 3100 postcards to the decision-makers. Many thanks to everyone who took part!

What we have achieved so far

13 DECEMBER 2023
A milestone has been reached! In a decisive trilogue negotiation, the EU institutions approve the draft law. The upcoming approval of the law by the EU Council and Parliament is considered a formality.

Trilogue negotiations between the EU Council, Parliament and Commission and the national governments on the law begin in autumn. Our fight for the law enters the second round. Postcards can be sent to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Austrian Minister Martin Kocher at

1 JUNE 2023
The EU Parliament voted in favour of the proposed supply chain law by a clear margin. This represented a major step forward for the proposal. But it didn't mean that it was a done deal.

31 MAY 2023
Together, we sent a total of 2'570 postcards to Brussels. Talk about sending a strong message!

25 APRIL 2023
The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs approved the draft EU supply chain law. A key milestone was reached!

This year, many of our customers bought an Angry Gorilla instead of an Easter Bunny. Ursula von der Leyen received over 1'700 postcards with creative photos and designs featuring our gorilla.

24 MARCH 2023
We paid a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels and took the Angry Gorilla WITH US.

MARCH 2023
On, we asked you to send a postcard to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. We needed her to push for the European Commission to adopt a proposal for a due diligence law.

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